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Osmos Deluxe Edition by UltraMantic


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How to turn a Sharpie into a portable EDC weapon? How to continue the legacy from the classics?

OSMOS opens the multiverse of Sharpie magic! OSMOS encompasses effects like penetration, shrinking, bending, growing, elongation, vanishing, and endless possibilities! You can even perform with a borrowed Sharpie, no setup required, for the ultimate impromptu experience!

New Features:

  • No magnets, no unnecessary movements.
  • No setup is required.
  • You can even borrow a Sharpie to perform.
  • Compatible with both colored regular Sharpies and mini-Sharpies.
  • A brand new magnetic suction design holder, integrating blister prediction or NFC module, you can even customize your own unique content.
  • The holder comes with a scratch-resistant design, protecting the gimmick from getting lost and assisting you in handling it with one hand.
  • The gimmick is made with precision molds, ensuring a perfect fit.

Unlimited Creativity Effects:

  • Penetration effect
  • Bending effect
  • Growing effect
  • Transformation effect
  • Elongation effect
  • Shrinking effect
  • Across effect
  • Vanishing effect
  • Penetrating the table

And One More Thing:

The multifunctional holder with a magnetic attachment design elevates this product to a whole new level. You can freely swap the secret tools you need, including a mini-NFC module. You can set any NFC effect to carry with you. Our device is incredibly compact, yet it maintains high sensitivity.

  • Embedded gimmick
  • Aesthetically pleasing and cleverly designed to prevent scratches and loss
  • Can be operated with one hand for easy load
  • Made from high-end nylon material, priced ten times higher than resin
  • Enhanced hardness
  • Temperature resistance up to 180°C

Significant Additional Features

  • Expandable magnetic port
  • Allowing for DIY additional content
  • Burn prediction magnetic module:
    • 7 of Hearts/Diamonds ESP symbols
    • NFC magnetic module customizable for read/write operations

Packing List:

  • Regular Sharpie (1)
  • Mini Sharpie (1)
  • Special gimmick (1)
  • Brand new magnetic suction holder (1)
  • Magnetic suction blister prediction module (8) (Seven of Hearts, Seven of Diamonds, one of each ESP symbol, one magnetic suction NFC module)

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