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CARDIOGRAPHIC RRP by Martin Lewis – Trick


In stock (can be backordered)

Our stage size Cardiographic is now even more performer friendly. Introducing the Cardiographic Rapid Reset Pro.

Built for the busy working pro, utilizing the very latest materials technology, it works exactly the same way as the signature version but it RESETS IN SECONDS instead of minutes.

It uses paper more economically: The refill pack comes with 24 (6/7H and 6/5D) sheets for 24 shows.

The package includes; the sketchpad, 24 refills, 2 very special pens, and downloadable video instructions.

Extra refills and replacement pens are readily available.


“I have to say this thing is so well thought out it’s pretty goddamn amazing! There’s just so much great about this trick I don’t think any trick is stood to test of time this long and kept getting improved and now it’s at the pinnacle. I don’t think there’s ever been a trick in old magic or modern magic that isn’t been improved to the point of perfection like this one has!”
James Dimmare

“Your new Cardiographic arrived today and I don’t know what to say – you took my breath away!!! You have truly taken one of the best magic routines that you created many years ago and elevated it a level that makes it something every magic performer will want to do. The reset is a workers dream!!! I now no longer have to prepare this prop between shows and when working gigs where I’ve got a small amount of time to prepare this truly is the ultimate version.”
Paul Romhany

“Martin, back in 2002 I performed your cardiograph in a bunker in Afghanistan while getting shelled by the Taliban. I would often do magic in the shelter outside our tent during the mortar attacks. That story has been a staple in my act now ever since. This is such an amazing improvement! I will be purchasing it immediately.”

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CARDIOGRAPHIC RRP by Martin Lewis – Trick