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Vinculum Playing Cards


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Invictus Magic is proud to present Vinculum

We are excited to announce our new deck of playing cards! With over one year of planning, we are finally ready to present to you Vinculum Playing Cards

.This classic choice ensures durability and a smooth handling experience, allowing you to indulge in countless hours of sleights and practice. The design & production of these exceptional decks is entrusted to founder of Invictus Magic, a highly experienced creator and producer of magic effects and now playing cards, known for their expertise and dedication to the craft

The card backs of the Vinculum decks are adorned with mesmerizing inks. The interplay of light and shadow accentuates the intricate details, casting a spellbinding aura over each card.

Within the deck, you will discover custom-back designed, jokers and the ace of spades that exude an air of sophistication.Adorned with ornate patterns and delicate embellishments, these cards pay homage to the rich heritage of playing card design The aces of spades are truly captivating, showcasing unparalleled elegance and intricate details.

The Vinculum is designed to evoke quality, elegance, and style high-quality stock and finish to ensure lasting quality, durability, ultimate handling and longevity The result is a deck that feels as good as it looks and will add a touch of class to your magic, flourishes.

Exclusively limited to 1000 decks ensures exclusivity and rarity secure your own piece of art but also contribute to the realization of this extraordinary deck.

  • Featuring Invictus Creator Back Design Printed in the USA on a premium, casino-grade stock & linen finish.
  • 310 gsm premium casino paper stock.
  • The red metallic foiled tuck case is luxuriously and striking with a vintage, aesthetic. They feel as good as they look.
  • The tuck box is Crafted with soft touch emboss technology. The feel of the tuck box is incredible
  • One way back design.
  • Double back included as an extra card, as well as an extra queen of hearts with a red x on the back.
  • Every aspect of the back design was created from scratch – As well as the custom jokers and the ace of spades.
  • There are 2 outs on the outside of the tuck box

The Vinculum are the ultimate deck for everyday use, designed with practicality and working magicians in mind.Enjoy unparalleled handling and durability with our premium stock and finish.

These cards will break-in quick and preferred by magicians and sleight of hand artist for their handling, ease of use, and ability to perform moves with ease.

For the misfits and hell-raisers, it’s time to play. These are the Vinculum Playing Cards by Invictus Magic.

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Vinculum Playing Cards