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THE BLADE by TCC – Trick


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The magician removes a surgical scalpel and uses it to easily cut through a piece of white paper to prove its sharpness, the magician then places the blade into his/her mouth in front of the audience and swallows it without hesitation.

As the audience members are still stunned, the magician takes out more blades and swallows them one after another. The actions are very clean.

The magician then pulls off a piece of thread from a spool, puts it into his mouth, chews a few times, and pulls the thread out of his mouth little by little…

Magically, the blades swallowed by the magician are now strung one by one on the thread as the thread is pulled out. The magician remains unharmed.

The familiar scene above is from the classic effect known as the Razor Blade Swallowing Effect. The routine is interactive and thrilling. There is also a twin effect called Needles Swallowing.

These two effects have left a strong mark on the history of magic, seen in various magic shows and TV programs.

However, the razor blades and sewing needles versions have always had their advantages and disadvantages:

With razor blades, the effect would be stronger, but the blades are too large and you need to load and unload on the stage, which could be not as clean.

With sewing needles, you can load in advance, and do not need to unload immediately, resulting in a cleaner performance, but the effect is seemingly weaker.

An old Chinese proverb says, “You can’t have both fish and bear’s paw”, In other words, there is something that has to be sacrificed. However, Treey has found an excellent solution to overcome these two disadvantages.

We call it The Blade.

Its advantages over traditional versions are as follows.

Firstly, The Blades used are surgical blades. The surgical blade itself gives the impression of cutting into flesh like tofu. Placing such a sharp object in the mouth brings more sensory stimulation to the audience.

In addition to enhancing the visual effect compared to sewing needles, surgical blades make it easier to load and unload compared to razor blades.

Secondly, for the safety of the performance, each blade you put into your mouth will be hand polished by Treey. It looks sharp but is harmless.

Lastly, we have introduced an acrylic blade holder for the audience to examine the blades. After the audience determines the blades are genuine, you just need to flip the blade holder around to switch them for the gimmicked blades. The blade holder makes the operation easier and gives a more professional appearance during the performance.

All the details above are well thought out. It is a routine Treey has polished over years of his commercial shows.


  • 10 genuine surgical blades, incredibly sharp.
  • 10 hand-polished gimmicked blades, seemingly sharp but harmless.
  • A scalpel holder that allows for the quick assembly and removal of blades with one’s bare hands, making it more ritualistic and safer for the audience to examine the blades, and more visible during stage performances.
  • An acrylic blade holder which combines the features of loading and display. Includes removable magnets at the bottom to stabilize the blades.
  • A spool of cotton thread for performing. The hollow part in the middle of the spool can be used to load during the performance.
  • A black flannel bag for storage and transport. Without the blade holder and thread, you can use it in a close-up scenario.


  • A new interpretation of a classic effect. Visual and easy to do.
  • Includes hand-polished blades, safe and reliable.
  • The acrylic blade holder facilitates loading and display.
  • Suitable for stage interactive performance and close-up scenarios.
  • Detailed online instruction.

Notes: This effect is used for professional performances. Although it has been specially polished, the Purchaser should use it as instructed to avoid harm. The Purchaser must be 18 years old or older.

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THE BLADE by TCC – Trick