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Secret Vol. 5 Dr. Sawa by Tokyo Magic Carnival – DVD


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The one and only DVD that both beginners and advanced performers can enjoy.

“The Professor,” Dai Vernon, one of the most respected magicians in the world, visited Japan for the first time, and he shed tears of praise after watching a young Japanese man perform magic. “There is poetry in his magic…” said Prof. Vernon. He was referring to the man now internationally recognized as Dr. Sawa.

With Dr. Sawa’s exceptional imagination, this legendary magician has brought so many original magic tricks to the world of magic, including the famous Pearl Act (Story of Pearls).

Dr. Sawa has laid the foundation for the close-up magic community in Japan. His one-of-a-kind expression has influenced magicians all over the world.

Today, even at the age of 76, he is still enthusiastic about inventing new magic tricks. He is releasing this DVD of new material for the first time in a decade. Here, a collection of his unique works, which have been thoroughly studied, are being introduced. You will find 4 rope magic tricks using one of his original techniques such as his Packman-move, and 2 coin routines with step-by-step instruction (also with some jokes). This DVD is packed with his exceptional ideas which have never been recorded before.


Reliable Strangling

  • A rope is tied twice around the magician’s neck. Two spectators pull on both sides, and the rope passes right through the neck. The rope can immediately be examined.

Bonny and Clyde

  • Two ropes get longer, get shorter and are both completely examinable.

Oh, Lord

  • In this beautiful routine, a ring visibly penetrates a rope. Both can be examined.

Super Natural Rope

  • This is an effect which took the magic world by storm over 30 years ago. Again, the rope can be immediately examined.

Coin Magic Tricks:

Walking Liberty

  • A coin is split into two before being made whole again. It is then immediately passed out for examination.

My Favorite Coins

  • A favorite coin is repeatedly produced and then turns into a giant coin! It can be handed out for examination. This effect resets instantly, so it is perfect for table hopping.


  • Magic Session: Dr. Sawa and Ponta the Smith

Language: Japanese, and dubbed in English

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