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PRIME BOX LARGE by George Iglesias & Twister Magic


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George Iglesias presents us his most recent creation, the incredible PRIMEBOX! A portable magic apparatus disguise as a shipping box that will allow you to perform not only great effects but solid and powerful routines! You show a shipping box completely empty, now close it, wave your hands on top and magically fill the box with the products or items you wish to appear! Best part? The box is now completely examinable!

Fully customizable, you receive several stickers to make it look like you want, AMAZON PRIMEBOX, DHL, FEDEX, USPS, or your own design!

This box has been specially designed to conceal objects and to deceive the human eye, creating a perfect optical illusion of emptiness.

Imagine also showing a box empty, closing it, then asking a spectator to select any product from any store and now you wave your hands and make that object appear from the box?! Now with PRIMEBOX it’s possible! How amazing right? The possibilities are endless!

Perfect multiple kinds of magic, from parlor and stage magic to MC’s, children magic, TV presentations, big illusions show and social media videos.

Made out of nice and thick cardboard, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes.

Available in SMALL and BIG size. (See sizes in the information down below for sizes)


Great effects are possible, you can even create your own routines, here are just a few great tricks you can perform:


    • Appearing Multiple Items

Imagine showing a shipping box branded as you choose (DHL, USPS, AMAZON, FEDEX or your favorite carrier) you open it up and you show that is completely empty inside. Now you do your magic and when open again a lot of things appear from inside, giving the box to the spectators at the end for close examination.

    • Prime Delivery

Show an Amazon Prime box, open it up to show there is only bubble wrap and Kraft paper inside. Show now the box totally empty inside, close it again and now ask an spectator to select one product from the Amazon big universe. You concentrate, make your magic and materialize that product from the box that was empty a minute ago, but even better the box can be fully examined!

    • Burn Shoe Routine – Appearing the missing shoe:

If you perform the Burning Show routine in your shows, this will be the perfect way to reappear the shoe for the kid.


    • Wrongly Delivered

Show a FEDEX box. Open it up to show you have received the wrong order from your favorite shop, take these products out of the box and place them aside, to show the box is empty inside. Wave your hands on top of the box and magically appear from it, the right products ordered. At the end give the box to the audience for full examination.

    • Confabulation – Prediction

You show a courier box empty, then close-it and place aside but leaving it still in full view. You ask someone to select a famous person (E.g. Tom Cruise), a retail store (E.g. Macys) and a product from that store (E.g. Fragance). Now after the spectator have select this three things, you call their attention to the box again, when the label is read, this is a package sent by Tom Cruise to you, now the box is open again to discover inside a Macys receipt in an envelope and for the big finale, the fragrance selected also appear from inside of the box as a gift, from Tom Cruise to you.)


Additionally, to all the benefits of Prime Box, thanks to our friends of MAGIC PRO IDEAS, with the purchase of your PRIME BOX you will be receive a $ 30.00 USD discount coupon to be able to buy and download the amazing magic app ANYWEB (Priced at $ 59.99 USD, you will only have to pay $ 29.90)

This app is a perfect complement for PRIME BOX, Anyweb is an incredible app that allows you to force basically anything you want from any website such as Google, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Wikipedia, Ebay, Amazon or any other web you want.


  • 1 PRIME BOX unit
  • 1 special gimmick
  • 1 set of stickers to customize your box (Amazon, DHL, FEDEX, USPS and Fragile)
  • 1 instructional online video.

Special bonus:

  • 1 discount coupon valid for $ 30.00 USD if you wish, to purchase the magic app ANYWEB from MAGIC PRO IDEAS.



  • Box assembled
  • Width: 30cm (11.8 inches)
  • Length: 20cm (7.9 inches)
  • Height: 15cm (5.9 inches)

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