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Pocket Devil Set (Howard Thurston – Million Dollar Mystery) – Trick


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THURSTON – “Million Dollar Mystery”

“Pocket Devils” are an exciting new range of collectable pocket square handkerchiefs inspired by the art of magic posters from “The Golden Age”, celebrating legendary magicians who have stimulated generations of contemporary performers through their innovations, inventions and influences, digitally interpreted by Lee Alex, each “Pocket Devil” has its own history and story to relate …

The original poster for Howard Thurston’s version of the “Million Dollar Mystery” (invented by Walter Ceretta Jean) printed by Otis Lithograph Company. c. 1920 is the inspiration for this most colorful, quirky “Pocket Devil”. Are you daring enough to sport this beautiful accessory in a myriad of bright colors which reflect the original artwork?

A set of “Pocket Devils” contains ONE regular pocket square and ONE pocket square with built in “Devil’s Hank” feature. Each design is strictly limited to 99 pieces worldwide.

“Pocket Devils” measure 34 cm x 34 cm (approx. 13 inches x 13 inches).
Each “Pocket Devil” set” comes with a collectors information card giving a brief description of the original poster and artwork design.
Collector cards are individually hand numbered. (One numbered card per set of two “Pocket Devils”).

“Pocket Devils” can be used in performance like a normal Devil’s Handkerchief (sewn with studs to locate the pocket easily).
The regular pocket square can be worn in a jacket breast pocket, or framed as a decorative piece for your magic club meeting room or den.

“You are creating super elegant magic that will become timeless collectors items.
Your creations are more than just great magic accessories… They are beautiful pieces of fashion accessory”

Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner

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Pocket Devil Set (Howard Thurston – Million Dollar Mystery) – Trick