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Jupiter (Blue) by Thomas Badar


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Last year Thomas Badar had the Blackpool hit to his name, and this year he is back with a new effect that is secretly very cool.

Watch the trailer to see this fooler effect in full!

Thomas says:

JUPITER is not just a trick: it’s a new concept in card magic. If you work with cards in your own magic, you can definitely make use of this gimmick for most of your effects.

JUPITER will bring you a main effect that is hard to get stronger than this in card magic. A normal pack of cards is split in two, and then the spectator is free to choose a card in his own pack, that is predicted in the magician’s pack. If the trick was over at this point, we would already have an impressive effect. But the real magic is just beginning. The magician reveals that the part of the pack he has shuffled and the part of the pack the spectator has shuffled are perfectly synchronized from the first card to the last. Every single card.

The deck of cards is a perfectly normal deck, can be examined before the trick begins and after the trick is completed. The effect can be performed with any type of deck.

The trick is easy to do and the reset takes about 10 seconds.

What you get in the package is not just this impressive routine, but much more than that. You get a universal gimmick that you can use in countless ways with your own creativity in your own card art.

You need a table to demonstrate the trick, but it does not have to be your own table.

JUPITER has been presented by Thomas in all of his solo shows for the last two years and has received perhaps the strongest reactions, not only from the laymen but also from magicians.

The JUPITER trick has an additional routine called JUPITER PREDICTION. This trick only can be performed in conjunction with the basic JUPITER gimmick. If you liked JUPITER, then I’m sure you’ll love JUPITER PREDICTION.

Enjoy the trick.

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Jupiter (Blue) by Thomas Badar