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Impossible Charger by Roman Slomka & TCC Magic


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CAUTION: Please avoid inserting the Impossible Charger into a real wall socket to prevent product damage and the potential for electric shock. The Impossible Charger is designed solely for performance purposes and is not intended for actual charging!

Note: This prop is not designed to facilitate actual charging; its sole purpose is to activate the appearance of charging status.

Mobile phone chargers have become an essential part of our modern lives. We all know the frustration of a low battery, like riding the last subway train with a dying phone. But fear not, because with the Impossible Charger, you can perform a feat that will eliminate battery anxiety.

Here’s how it works: Borrow a phone, connect the charger, plug it in, and it starts charging. But wait, here’s the twist – there’s no outlet! This illusion was born in the mind of Roman Slomka.

The Impossible Charger has been meticulously redesigned from the ground up, with a special structure and built-in battery. We created four different styles for the charger, and after much deliberation, we settled on a modern and versatile white design. Both the external and internal structures have been meticulously crafted to give you the ultimate experience.

The phone charges from a simulated wall outlet on any flat surface! This is The Impossible Charger. When you insert the pin, it activates the charging illusion, and when you release it, it stops charging. You can attach it to various objects such as a book, a cup, a deck of cards, or even your head. It will automatically stick to any magnet-attracting surface. With its compact size, identical to a regular charger, you can easily carry it in your pocket or bag.

To further enhance its appearance, we’ve added a removable magnetic cover, combining functionality with aesthetics. In addition, the charger has both a USB output and a TYPE-C output to accommodate different phone models.



  • The Impossible Charger comes with a charging adapter, a charging data cable, a transparent suction cup accessory, a special outlet iron plate, and a special magnetic plate, allowing you to perform in multiple scenarios.
  • With the special charger fully charged, it can provide the charging status on phones for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

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Impossible Charger by Roman Slomka & TCC Magic