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Genii Magazine June 2018 – Book


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June 2018


Harry Anderson’s Sweet Hereafter by Jon Racherbaumer
The 50th Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show by Dustin Stinett
A HAIKU FOR HARRY He Told us the Truth We fell for it and then fate Fully fell for him. Jon Racherbaumer


Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
The Eye by Todd Karr
Now Performing
On the Slant
by Jon Racherbaumer
The Chamber of Secrets The Enchanted Drawer and Dissolving Dice by John Gaughan
Conjuring The Ambitious Young Executive by Jim Steinmeyer
Panmagium Vestis Virum Reddit (Clothes Make the Man) by Jonathan Pendragon
The Expert at the Kids’ Table If I Had a Magic Wand by David Kaye
Left-Handed No More Card Tricks v2 by Jeff Prace

  • Center of Attention by Harapan Ong
  • Mind Game by John Guastaferro
  • Wild Yuan by Chong Huang

The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii

  • Knights at The Magic Castle by Jason Davidson
  • The Magic Castle Performance Schedule


Books Reviewed by Kainoa Harbottle

  • The Magic of Johnny Thompson, Volumes I and II by Jamy Ian Swiss and Johnny Thompson

Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner

  • Super Strong, Super Simple by Ryan Schlutz
  • Double Dutch by Fritz Alkemade
  • Project Alpha Mail by Harry Robson and Matthew Wright
  • Real Deck Switches by Ben Earl

Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver

  • Candy by Edouard Boulanger
  • EyePhone by Alan Boyd with Mark Mason and Chris Kenworthy
  • Twister Flavor by Snake/Tumi Magic
  • SwitchBox by Mickael Chatelain
  • Svenlopes Yin & Yang by Sven Lee
  • The Executive Grid by Paul McCaig and Luca Volpe

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