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Fortune Calendar (Standard) by TCC and Terry Chou


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A practical tool for tangible multiple predictions, available in standard and walnut versions.

Magicians are never short of ways to predict the audience’s choices, be it a piece of paper, a box, an envelope, or even cigarette ash these can all serve as tools to present a prediction. We can take it a step further, moving beyond written predictions to irreplaceable tangible objects.

After contemplation and continuous refinement during live performances, Terry Chou has crafted a unique piece. With the help of this desk calendar, he can predict the random selection of items by 1 to 4 audience members.

Four audience members each randomly flip through a section. Each participant selects a different food item. The magician’s lunch in the box perfectly matches the items randomly chosen by the audience. It’s not just the ability to predict playing cards or food, it’s the complete freedom to predict anything imaginable.

Two versions are available: The standard version features a calendar look, while the walnut version comes with a walnut wooden base.


  • Easy setup: needs to be done only once for effortless use.
  • Four notepads can be completely DIY, infusing your performance with endless possibilities.

Standard version dimensions:

  • Horizontal length: 34.1cm, height: 19.2cm
  • Weight: approximately 447g

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Fortune Calendar (Standard) by TCC and Terry Chou