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Mystery Key Test by Amazo Magic - Trick
A suspenseful key test, in which a prize awaits the person selecting the correct key. A transparent ..
Divination ESP Test by Amazo Magic - Trick
Your audience will think either you or they have mind reading abilities! With these 5 ESP cards, you..
Milk Pitcher Jumbo (Deluxe) by Amazo Magic - Trick
Here we present a large pitcher for the classic milk effect. Pour milk into a borrowed newspaper or ..
The magician displays some milk and subsequently vanishes it. After the milk disappears, the magicia..
Beautiful and mystifying! A light is captured in the magician's hand through the air. After a moment..
Want a quick and easy way to bring a table or container with you to your next performance? Here's a ..
Audiences love surprise productions - here's one you can do! The magician displays, in his hand, a t..
Comedy Electric Chair by Amazo Magic - Trick
With this chair (the lightest and thinnest on the market), you can add a humorous touch to your perf..
Mutilated Parasol (Deluxe) by Amazo Magic
The magician shows a large umbrella and wraps it inside a folded beach mat or a double sheet of news..
Razor Switch Device (RSD) by Amazo Magic - Trick
After showing five sharp blades, the performer puts them in a plastic case. He removes the blades fr..
Professional Model Table by Amazo Magic - Trick
The Professional Model Table has stainless steel support (2 lb) to create your base and to rest your..
Invisible Holder by Amazo Magic - Trick
Invisible Holder is a new special gimmick designed to allow the appearance of one or two umbrellas, ..
Hot Microphone by Amazo Magic - Trick
Ready for a fire effect that leaves a signal? With this microphone you are able to definitely attrac..
Dream Dots by Amazo Magic - Trick
It is a new tool in magic. A black cane is shown to the audience. Take a handful of confetti from yo..
Cloud Surprise by Amazo Magic
Audiences love surprises - in fact, that's what makes magic amazing. Here's a way to totally surpris..
Impromptu Ball by Amazo Magic - Trick
The appearance of an object, totally surprising your audience, always results in amazement and huge ..
Miracle Linking Ropes by Amazo Magic
A great rope routine having many magical phases! The magician ties a rope into a ring. He does this ..
Mirror Goblet by Amazo Magic - Trick
Amazing prop for changing one object to another, or even a great "restored tie" effect (read below)!..
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