Ben Harris

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Mind Stress by Tomas Blomberg - Trick
EffectA number is freely selected from one of a 100 or so on the beautiful and genuine looking "stre..
A Thought Well Stolen by Ben Harris - Trick
A Thought Well Stolen combines two of magic's great card effects - Any Card At Any Number, and Paul ..
Mentallica by Ben Harris - Book
Mentallica is a series of hard-hitting effects drawn from Harris' one-man show: Hellucinations.The m..
The Enlightenment by Ben Harris - Trick
The Ultimate Floating Card "The Power Of Enlightenment" is not "the talent for acquiring wisdom"-as ..
Enlightenment Custom Installed Deck by Ben Harris - Trick
EXACTLY AS SUPPLIED TO THE WORLD'S SUPERSTARS OF MAGIC EffectCunningly modified MLPV.1 gimmick for m..
Paradigm Shifter by Ben Harris - Trick
The Perfect Magnet to drive Ben Harris' Enlightenment - The Ultimate Floating Card or any PK Effect...
Bikin' by Ben Harris - Trick
BIKIN' is a totally new and original card conception. Novel, baffling, and highly visual, this effec..
X-Ray by Ben Harris and Steve Shufton - Book
When I was young, my uncle Peter fooled me badly with a simple X-Ray Vision stunt. It played serious..
Exit 51 by Ben Harris - Trick
EffectHave a spectator choose a card Then, sign the card Next, put the card back into the deck. Shuf..
CrossRoads Double Faced set in USPCC stock (with instructions) by Ben Harris - Trick
The FOUR DOUBLE FACED CARDS YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! This wonderful set reduces a deck to just 4 phy..
Zoom by Ben Harris - Trick
EffectA playing card or business card is examined. You ask your audience to look for threads, motors..
Cosmosis - The Original Floating Match (with Criss Angel Cards) by Ben Harris - Trick
Invented by Ben Harris in 1986, this effect has become a certified classic. It's the most popular cl..
Cosmosis Pro Tips by Ben Harris - Trick
EffectFor the thousands and thousands of Cosmosis users who`ve been waiting...The 60 Second Hook Up ..
Crossroads Devil's Peek set in USPCC stock (with instructions) by Ben Harris - Trick
TWO CARDS, 8 CORNERS - EIGHT REVEALS This LIMITED EDITION set reduces a deck to just 2 physical card..
Slink by Ben Harris - Trick
Issue One of the Pocket Mysteries Series EffectThis amazing and clever secret has been unavailable f..
Cosmosis - The Original Floating Match by Ben Harris - Trick
EffectHere's the original classic, back again after over a decade with the real gaff, rewritten inst..
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