Mariano Goni Fernandez

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Alien Mind Reading by Mariano Goni - Trick
Imagine... Instantly knowing what image your spectator is searching for on THEIR phone without touch..
COFFEE CUP by Mariano Goni - Trick
It has been said that if you want to develop new things, you have to look in the old books. There's ..
Haunted Revolution by Mariano Goni - Trick
A real start clean-end clean hookup. The first haunted pack that allows you to shuffle before, durin..
Cesaral Melting Point Reloaded by Mariano Goni - DVD
This DVD is fully packed with clear explanations on how to boost your magic using the CMP gimmick. I..
Innovative Card Magic by Mariano Go�i - DVD
"SPANISH CLOSE-UP MAGICIAN Mariano Go�i's excellent disc delivers exactly what it promises: a collec..
Nut Waltz (with Gimmicks) by Mariano Goni - Trick
A truly magical routine... Originally created by Marc Jacobs and one of the favourites of Vernon, th..
Melting Point - New Edition by Mariano Go�i - Trick
You can astonish people with this miracle effect, with only a coin and a glass surface, a table, a w..
Flawless Fly by Mariano Goni - Trick
Perform the most visual transposition between a signed coin and a clean coin. Two coins are examined..
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