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Magic Product Catalog - Vol.1 by Kozmomagic - DVD
The Kozmo Magic Product 2010 Catalog (Despite what it says on the cover of the DVD...ok 09/10)!..
3 Vol. Combo Juan Tamariz Lessons in Magic
Juan Tamariz is a one-of-a-kind performer. A household name in his native Spain , he is one of the m..
JB Magic DVD Catalog - DVD
On this DVD catalog, Mark Mason demonstrates 28 effects from the JB Magic line. Also includes 4 trai..
Expert Cigarette Magic Made Easy - 3 DVD Set by Tom Mullica - DVD
 Note 'Vol.12' refers to VHS releaseNote 'Vol.13' refers to VHS releaseNote 'Vol.14' refers to VHS r..
Treasures Set Vol 1-3 by Alexander DeCova - DVD
Multiple award-winner, Alexander De Cova has been one of Germany's top professional magicians for ov..
Expert Rope Magic Made Easy (3 volume set) by Daryl & Murphy's Magic Supplies - DVD
Sold separately, or as a complete set Daryl, world renowned and World Champion magician, teaches you..
Tom Mullica's Impromptu Magic 3 Disc Combo by Murphy's Magic Supplies - DVD
Over 70 Amazing Effects in this DVD, plus 24 on the 3 disc combo...
Scotty York - The Silver Fox 3 Volume Set - DVD
 Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3Over the years, Scotty York has won international acclaim as one of the most cleve..
Stars Of Magic Set #1-9 - DVD
Get the entire series of the "Stars Of Magic" DVDs in one complete package!OVER 17 HOURS OF THE WORL..
Generation X Brian Tudor, DVD
Showoff: Spring spread / Dribble / Upside down spring / Pressure fan, left hand fan / One handed rig..
Tabary (1 & 2 On 1 Disc), 2 vol. combo, DVD
EffectTabary Rope Magic- Volumes 1 and 2(also sold separately!) From France comes F.I.S.M. World Cha..
Klose-Up And Unpublished by Kenton Knepper - DVD
You may be amazed at how astonishingly easy most of this material is to do. When Kenton revealed his..
Art Of Astonishment by Paul Harris - DVD
Paul Harris is perhaps the single most creative force magic has ever had to offer. Known for his off..
Candles! by Michael Lair - DVD
The creator of Fantasio candle effects Spitfire, Firefall, and Candle Rewind gives you the following..
Razor Blade Magic by Byrd & Coats - DVD
Are you tired of the same old dull magic? Are you looking for a DVD that's a cut above the rest? May..
Expert Cigarette Magic Made Easy - Vol.2 by Tom Mullica - DVD
Note 'Vol.13' refers to VHS releaseCigarette Magic for the non-smoker, and plenty for those that do!..
Lessons in Magic Volume 3 by Juan Tamariz - DVD
Juan Tamariz is a one-of-a-kind performer. A household name in his native Spain , he is one of the m..
Encyclopedia PickPocketing- #1, DVD
Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing Volume #1, Watch and Jewelry Removal. This DVD will tea..
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