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Lex Schoppi

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Quick Change Book Vol. 2 by Lex Schoppi - Book
This is the sequel of QUICK CHANGE - rapid costume changes for men: In this specialty book you will ..
Card On Tie by Manuel Muerte and Lex Schoppi - Trick
EffectThe magician riffles the deck of playing cards to the audience, the viewer says stop. The audi..
Royal Casino Cummerbund by Lex Schoppi & Rich Stephens - Trick
Authentic casino style: This Quick Change Cummerbund changes color instantly. A small movement and t..
Quick Change Book (For Men) by Lex Schoppi - Book
Now Back in PRINT!The FIRST and ORIGINAL English books to contain material on magic costume changes ..
Quick Change Tie by Lex Schoppi - Trick
A tie changes color in a split second. After the color change the tie may be examined - and even wor..
Pimp Your Dummy (instruction manual) by Lex Schoppi - Books
Can your slot jaw or latex doll look left and right or even blink? Many ventriloquists use soft pupp..
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