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The Dayton Wallet by Ron Dayton - Book
EffectAttention all Wallet Collectors and performers who have come to know Ron for quality and simpl..
Fidh Lan Stick (2 DVD Set) - DVD
What the heck are Fidh Lan Sticks? Well, basically it is a method of doing readings that uses 4 smal..
Cipher Speak (Two Person Code) by R.T. Stark - Book
A definitive two person code system based upon spoken SOUNDS, not specific words.Includes a simplifi..
Finger Foods by Starke - Book
THe Unusual Close-up Stylings of R.T. StarkeA combination of some earlier work, and some other thing..
TelekiNefesch by Nefesch - Book
Imagine a book filled with HUNDREDS of pages talking about the method, script, psychology and thinki..
Grandfather Stories Magic with a Native American Flair - by Ed Solomon - Book
As you probably already know, from the various titles we have released or from his regular column in..
Edge Of Reality By Ray Noble - Book
This book contains EFFECTS of the MIND that carry a one, two punch! They are effects especially desi..
Oh No, Not Another Card Trick by Ed Solomon -book
Written by Ed Solomon, with Foreword by Robert Neale- This books is for card magicians with a sense ..
Money Matters by Ed Solomon and Leaping Lizards - Book
Ed Solomon, well known to bizarre performers and those who enjoy Storytelling magic as put together ..
Magictales 2 Hardcover Collector's Edition by Leaping Lizards Publishing - Book
Both Magictales and Magictales Two together in one hard bound volume!"Magictales" - The Definitive B..
Cousin Of All Book Tests by Leaping Lizards Magic - Trick
Welcome to the first volume in what is planned to be a three volume set of specialty force books/boo..
Tea Leaf Reading and More (2 DVD Set) - DVD
If you have already enjoyed learning from Leaping Lizard's Tarot, Palm Reading or Fidh Lan reading D..
Machine Oracle (2 Case DVD Set) by Leaping Lizards
The Perfect way for Mentalists and Psychic Entertainers to add readings to their offerings and maint..
Tractare by R. Shane - Book
Sequel to 'Automata', from the author of 'Pentalogy'! In 'Pentalogy' we learned about Shane in an EN..
Brainstorm In My Pajamas by Ron Dayton - Book
Ronald Dayton's newest book, "Brainstorm In My Pajamas" a humorous title for one heck of an idea boo..
Magictales 2 Softcover Edition by Leaping Lizards Publishing - Book
Six Years ago, Leslie Melville allowed Leaping Lizards Publishing to release his first book- Magicta..
Boxes, Cases and Crates by George Ledo - Book
George F. Ledo studied theatrical design at California State University Northridge and the Universit..
Bag Escape by Leaping Lizards - DVD
The effect is direct. The performer invites an audience member to examine a cloth bag made from a si..
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