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This is the sixth volume in this series of easy-to-do, subtle card effects from master card trick cr..
Frog Tales Book by Robert Neale - Books
How To Fold Jumping Frogs From Poker Cards and do Five Tricks with Them... Finally, a complete treat..
Zoo Magic by Robert Neale - Book
Bob Neale has been playing with wired pearls and the result is this 26 page book with more than 3 do..
Zoo Magic by Robert Neale - Book
Bob Neale has been playing with wired pearls and the result is this 26 page book with more than 3 do..
Conspiracy book Angelo Stagnaro
The first book of Angelo Stagnaro's Psi-Books Series is aptly named "Conspiracy". It is a textbook o..
Magic from the Overground by Paul Hallas - Book
Paul Hallas, the best-selling author of Small But Deadly and the Mindful Mentalism series is back wi..
The Magic in Books by Leo Behnke - Book
Leo Behnke is one of magic's most gifted and prolific writers. In his new book, he tells the story o..
Little Egypt Book of Numbers by Steve Bryant - Book
This fully illustrated manuscript contains twenty fantastic routines. Steve Bryant uses only the mos..
Between Two Minds Too by Ned Rutledge and Walter Pharr -Book
The combined talents of these two writers bring you thirteen diabolical and simple-to-do mentalism e..
Unconventional by Christopher Taylor - Book
EffectCanadian mentalist Christopher Taylor's new book, Unconventional, follows in the path of his h..
Impossi-Bill Braid (With DVD) by Robert Neale - Book
A dollar bill has been braided. Close examination reveals that it has two lengthwise slits that exte..
The Nail Writer Anthology by Thomas Baxter - Book
The Nail Writer is, ounce-for-ounce, the most powerful tool in the mentalist's arsenal. The Nail Wri..
Subtle Card Creations Vol. 2 by Nick Trost - Book
The second volume of Subtle Card Creations continues with a wealth of new material - effective and s..
Small But Deadly by Paul Hallas - Book
This book is the ultimate consumer's guide to packet tricks. As such, it can save you both time and ..
Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost, Vol. 4 - Book
In this fourth volume of Subtle Card Creations, you will find the workings of more highly effective ..
Inside Out by Christopher Taylor - Book
The effects in this book have been designed form the inside out. In each case, Christopher began wit..
Framework by Tom Frame - Book
So, what is Framework and why should you care?Well, the book is a collection of 34 of Tom's best car..
The FFFF Book
Over 20 years in the making! The FFFF Book is a collection of routines and memories from and about t..
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