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G Sparks Magic

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Airborne Pro & Glass by G Sparks - Trick
"Clearly the worlds' quietest airborne." WHISPER SILENT ACTION NO TOP CLEAR LIKE GIMMICK WORKS ON MO..
"A coin travels through time and space." AUTOMATIC RESET VERY EASY AND VISUAL Enjoy the magic by G S..
"It's a bird it's a plane, no it's Off The Wall." PACKS FLAT PLAYS 3D WORKS ON ANY FLAT SURFACE YES ..
"Blast Off adds a magic bang & flash to any close-up wonder."THIS REALLY DOES PACK SMALL AND PLAY BI..
"Tunnel Vision creates new ways to appear, vanish and multiply a ball." TV IS LIKE A NEW SECRET WEAP..
"A ping pong ball floats around like a zombie." AN IMPROMPTU ZOMBIE CLOSE-UP OR FAR AWAY AND YOU CAN..
1 800 Go Ghost by G Sparks - Trick
"The chosen card travels, ghost like into a card box, that comes to life." A CARD TRICK WITH REAL AN..
Flash the Cannonball Flea by G Sparks - Trick
"There is a flash from the stage as the flea appears, the flagpole moves, the cannon fires and there..
MIND FLASH by G Sparks - Trick
"With the power of your mind you create a real flash, inside a light bulb, or do a comedy flash bulb..
MIND FLASH Extra Wire by G Sparks - Trick
MIND FLASH replacement wires. A set of four wires and two extra connectors. Instructions are not inc..
FLASH CARD Replacement Wire - Trick
G SPARKS FLASH CARD replacement wires. A set of four wires and two connectors. Instructions are not ..
FLASH CARD by G Sparks - Trick
"Two different routines that end with a Real Flash." FUN ROUTINES VISUAL MAGIC SELF CONTAINED FLASH ..
FLASH GLASS by G Sparks - Trick
"A great utility prop, Flash Glass, makes the magic happen." DIMINISHES ANY DRINK ENABLES SMALL ITEM..
FLASH Refill Wires by G Sparks - Tricks
These are available as a set of 4 wires and 2 extra connectors...
Got Milk? by G Sparks - Trick
Milk Appears, Floats and Diminishes!Comes with all the Gimmicks.Just add milk!..
Coin Can Magic by G Sparks - Trick
"The Misers Dream Comes to the Modern World." Appear a Coin from Thin Air Produce 12 Half Dollars fr..
Street Monte by G Sparks - TRICK
A Monte Routine with Bottle Caps and a Coin, (USA Quarter Size)The included Black Velvet Pad, (4" x ..
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