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Bammo Monte Monster Reloaded by Bob Farmer - Trick
Two Replacement Sets of Special Bammo Monte Monster Bicycle Cards. Streamlined method for the classi..
Alice's Revenge by Bob Farmer - Trick
Don't threaten Alice. No Queen is safe. Any Queen named vanishes. Demonic method. Self-contained. Au..
Bammo Dekronomicon by Bob Farmer - Trick
The Holy Grail of Any Card at Any Number discovered at last! EffectA spectator THINKS of a card, but..
Bammo Card Walloper 2.0 (With Deck) by Bob Farmer - Trick
A deck is removed from it's case, casually shuffled, and shown to be in no particular order.Half the..
Bammo Monte Monster by Bob Farmer - Trick
Monarch of Montes - Sultan of Swindles - Lord of the StingsSeven visually stunning monte phases, all..
Mutanz by Bob Farmer - Trick
Inexplicable unexplainable enigmatic and just plain weird!Strange and supernatural forces twist and ..
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