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Dominique Duvivier

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Derek Dingle (1937-2004) is considered by many to be the greatest card worker of the twentieth centu..
School of Magic Vol 7 with Gaetan Bloom - DVD
Alexandra and Dominique Duvivier present Gaetan Bloom! Learn magic easily! A great professional shar..
Transformation Silk (DVD and Gimmick) by Dominic Duvivier - DVD
Twelve routines (plus bonuses) with cards, banknotes, ropes, wallets, mentalism... plenty of tricks ..
Reverse Topit (Does Not Include Prop) by Jean-Pierre Crispon - DVD
Creating new magical approaches, Jean-Pierre Crispon's Reverse Topit will seduce you! As you know a ..
Bicycle Marked ESP Cards by Mayette Magie Moderne - Trick
Mayette Magie Moderne has had these ESP Cards specially made for you by The US Playing Card Company,..
Reverse Topit Gimmick by Jean-Pierre Crispon - Trick
From Jean-Pierre Crispon's pattern, the designer of the New Topit, the Reverse Topit. Creating new m..
The Mini Duvivier Wallet (With DVD) by Mayette Magie Moderne -Trick
You have seen it during the Dominique Duvivier's shows in Double Fond, either "live" or in one of hi..
Nervous Breakdown (With DVD) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
The magician shows a small plastic wallet. He explains that one side of the wallet are four kings, t..
The Inside Out Mind (With DVD) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
Dominique Duvivier does it again with his mind twisting effects. This time, a prediction card proves..
Shot Glass (DVD and Gimmick) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
Included: Full deck of drinks! Full size shot glass! The gimmick!Effect: The spectator verifies tha..
Duvivier Coin Box (Half Dollar) by Dominique Duvivier - Trick
Four words characterize this product: Okito, Boston, Bloc, Duvivier. Okito: The Okito Box is one of ..
Printing 2.0 with New Ending (DVD and Gimmicks) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
If "Printing" became one of the biggest magic best-sellers of all time, it's because it revolutioniz..
Chaos (2 DVD set) by Dani Da Ortiz - DVD
The greatest genius in this day and age concerning card magic, and a big star of Spanish magic, Dani..
Bloom's Gypsy Thread (DVD and Gimmick) by Gaetan Bloom - DVD
After jealously keeping it a secret during the decades, Gaetan Bloom finally shares the secret of hi..
The Chameleon Card (DVD and Gimmicks) by Dominique Duvivier - Trick
A MUST FROM DOMINIQUE DUVIVIEREFFECT: When the magic astounds the magician himself! Do you know that..
Intimiste (3 DVD Set) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
the drink the magician drink the feeling the invisible palm the absolute palm the 4 queens the coins..
Dominique Duvivier Strikes Back (4 DVD Set): Intimiste Vol. 2 - DVD
This show was a smasher during the 2 years it was performed at The Double Fond.Incredible! Four DVDs..
Pocket Wallet Set (With DVD) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
New tool, new performance, this portfolio is designed for your credit cards, your cash, credit card ..
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