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CREATEX - Mathieu Bich

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REFILL only for Erazed M. Bich
REFILL only for Erazed M. Bich..
Back Twist (DVD and Cards) by Mathieu Bich - DVD
Effect: 4 Blue cards change into 4 Red cards... One by one in full view! Back Twist is easy to perfo..
French Connexion by James Chadier and Mathieu Bich - DVD
More than 20 tricks, moves, and applications. All technical levels - From beginner to expert. Someth..
Black Hole by Mathieu Bich - Trick
The Black Hole is a visually stunning moving hole effect...with the full deck!The trick is VERY Easy..
Counter Weight by Mathieu Bich - Trick
The Ultimate Suspension Deck!This fantastic effect allows you to astound audiences by performing imp..
Spreadwave 2.0 (Cards and CDRom) by Mathieu Bich - Trick
Show a blank deck of cards, ask someone to call for a card Spread the cards...The named card is now ..
Nomad Pad 2.0 by Mathieu Bich - Trick
Four years after the successful launch of Nomad Pad... Presenting the next generation. We have worke..
The Newsletter Tricks (Book, DVD, and Gimmicks, Collector's Edition) by Mathieu Bich - Book
This Collector's Edtion is signed and numbered (out of 200) by Mathiew Bich and includes prepared gi..
NLP & Magic, other secrets by Mathieu Bich - Book
This book presents the subtle alliance of Neuro-Linguistique Programmingand magic. Here you discover..
The Newsletter Tricks (Book and DVD, Regular Edition) by Mathieu Bich - Book
The first ever DVD/book by Mathieu Bich! Get all 10 tricks of the project "Newsletter Tricks" in one..
Rainbow Connection (DVD and Gimmick) by Mathieu Bich
Rainbow Connection is an underground effect from Mathieu Bich. He has been using it these last 12 ye..
Poor Man's Casino by Mathieu Bich - Trick
You present a few pieces of paper that are blank on both sides and cut to the size of "bank notes". ..
Hungry? by Mathieu Bich - DVD
Would you like to become more creative and invent tricks using your own methods?The simplicity of th..
Disappeared Thought by Mathieu Bich - Trick
Mathieu Bich's new take on the Princess Card Trick Plot...Effect:Show 6 cards (really 6 cards) and a..
Reversible by Mathieu Bich - Trick
Reversible is a very visual card trick based on the classic "Reset" Plot Effect: Four Kings Four Ace..
SympathetInk by Mathieu Bich - Trick
Effect 12 routines and loads of tips in order to allow you to get the best out of this pen, worthy o..
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