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Almost Impromptu by Aaron Plener - eBook DOWNLOAD
Almost Impromptu features 4 effects that require little to no set up and can be done any time, any w..
Psych Out Mentalist Tricks by Marc Oberon - eBook DOWNLOAD
Pure Mind Manipulation - force colors, places, names, landmarks... This brand new item features a te..
Epic by Marc Oberon - eBook DOWNLOAD
These are Marc Oberon's 2009 lecture notes which are selling very quickly following lectures during ..
Thinka-Card (ungimmicked version) by Marc Oberon - ebook
A deck of cards is spread in front of an audience member's eyes as you turn your head. They merely t..
Hat System by Marc Oberon - eBook DOWNLOAD
Marc Oberon's hat System for the production of magic. Each hat represents a role that you play in th..
Forsee The Future by Devin Knight - ebook DOWNLOAD
DISCLAIMER: This ebook will teach you proven methods to remember dreams. It will teach you how to ha..
Magicseen Magazine Issue 57  (Sean Alexander) ebook DOWNLOAD
Welcome to a really packed issue that hopefully will mean your summer is not such a barren magical w..
Tattle Tale by Micheal Murray - ebook
Possibly the strongest ESP effect ever! With nothing more than a ten in prepared ESP cards or busine..
Springboard by Michael Murray - eBook
Springboard is a revolutionary new system for allowing your SPECTATOR to read minds! Imagine for a m..
The Power to Dominate Google - eBook DOWNLOAD
#8 In Devin's Knights Magic Marketing Secrets For MagiciansGovernment backlinks can put your magic w..
Blow by Blow by Gerry Luff - eBook DOWNLOAD
Watch a balloon entertainer at work and you will see how, with just a few twists, a long balloon can..
Mystic by Steve Drury - eBook DOWNLOAD
Mystic encapsulates a lifetime of Roni's Shachnaey's mentalism and bizarre knowledge. Hardbound, wit..
Comedy for Magicians by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
Written by Jonathan Royle an established Comedy Entertainer of well over three decades, you will fin..
Cold Reading for Magicians & Mentalists by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
Arguably one of the most eye opening and truly revealing, whilst easy to understand and implement bo..
ATM by Michael Murray - Trick
ATM combines a very clever mix of principles and ideas which will allow you to seemingly determine a..
Klear Thoughtz by Jonathan Royle - ebook DOWNLOAD
As far back as 1990 Jonathan Royle in his former stage name of Alex-Leroy was regularly featured in ..
Hypno-Tricks by Jonathan Royle - ebook DOWNLOAD
(A Complete Course in Pseudo Hypnosis & Fake Hypnotism) The term "Hypno-Tricks" is often used to des..
Cold Reading & Mentalism For The Psychic Entertainer by Jonathan Royle - ebook DOWNLOAD
This Encyclopedic Book of Almost 500 Large Format Pages Will Reveal to you exactly how to become a F..
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